DCYA Press Release: Increased funding of €1.5 million for Family Resource Centres in 2019

Minister Zappone has announced an increase of €1.5 million per annum in funding for Family Resource Centres (FRCs) for 2019.

The increased funding will bring the overall allocation to the Family Resource Centre Programme to €18 million. This is the largest allocation provided to FRCs in the past ten years. Additional funding will be used to provide existing FRCs with greater capacity to reach more vulnerable children and families in their communities.

The additional €1.5 million in funding will be used to:

1) Increase core funding to each of the 110 FRCs which existed pre-2018 by 5%.
2) Employ an additional 17 Family Support Workers – one FRC in each of the 17 Tusla geographical areas will be allocated funding to employ a Family Support Worker.
3) Fund the Family Resource Centre Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Programme.

Minister Zappone said “Family Resource Centres are a key resource in developing strong families and strong communities. The Family Resource Centre Programme is designed to allow communities and local Tusla staff to identify needs and the services required in their local areas. FRCs provide a range of universal and bespoke targeted services to their communities. I am pleased to be in a position to increase their core funding by 5%.

In addition to this, I am also pleased that to announce funding for an additional 17 Family Support Workers for FRCs – one in each of the 17 Tusla areas. Family Support Workers support children and families using community programmes and social networks. The earlier children and families in need of support are identified, the better chance there is that they can get the help they need.

DCYA Press Release

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