Many home insurance policies cover childminding for up to two additional children and can be extended to mind up to 6 children. Please check with your home insurance provider and inform them that you are providing a childminding service out of your home.

Childminding Ireland offers members a group insurance scheme in association with Arachas (previously Kidd Insurances) and underwritten by Allianz. To access the special discounted members rate of €240 contact Arachas on 01 213 5000. The Group Scheme Insurance policy covers you to mind up to 6 Children at any one time (a maximum of 5 pre-school children) subject to compliance with regulations. This insurance covers Childminders to take minded children on outings.

For more information please contact Childminding Ireland at 01 287 8466 or e-mail or visit their website Childminding Ireland Insurance.