Any concerns you may have should be discussed directly with the early years’ service provider. Providers are required by the childcare regulations to have a complaints policy outlining how your concern will be managed. You are advised to put your concern in writing to the early years’ service and request a copy of their complaints policy.

If you are dissatisfied with the response received from the provider or have reasons that you feel are prohibiting you from bringing the matter to your provider directly, you may contact Tusla. Tusla does not investigate individual concerns or complaints. They review all information, about early years’ services and assess this information against the childcare regulations with a view to forming an opinion. You will receive an acknowledgement indicating if your concern has been accepted by the Early Years Inspectorate. They may also contact you to clarify the information you have provided.

If the inspectorate considers that a risk to the health and welfare of children in an early years’ service is present, the Inspectorate will take appropriate actions with the service provider to ensure that the risk is addressed. Information will be treated as received in confidence, however, they may not in all incidences be able to guarantee anonymity.

If you wish to contact Tusla regarding a concern you have about an Early Years Service you may do so in a number of ways:

By email at:

By telephone:  061 461700

You may also download the unsolicited information form here. This form can be emailed to them or posted to:

Unsolicited Information Office
Early Years Inspectorate
2nd Floor
Estuary House,
Henry St.