NCS and Savers Programmes Contracting Open – 31 July

We are happy to announce that contracting for the 2020/21 programme year for NCS in now available on the Early Years Hive and for CCSP and TEC Savers Programmes on PIP.

To contract for NCS 2020/21, go to Programmes tab on the Early Years Hive, choose NCS 2020 and select Start. Please see the ‘Contracting for the National Childcare Scheme’ section of the FAQ for more information on contracting on the Hive.

Please note that there is one additional step to NCS contracting this programme year; accepting the Annual Financial Declaration. This declaration is a list of statements that are taken from both the NCS Policy Guidelines and NCS Provider Agreement and you are asked to confirm this.

Please see the announcement from 27 July for more information and guidance on the Savers Programmes.

ECCE contracting became available on the Early Years Hive on Tuesday, 28 July

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