Covid-19 Operating Supports for the period 1st February – 5th March 2021

The funding agreement for ELC/SAC funding measures covering the period 1st February – 5th March will be available on Hive from 10am today (Friday, 12th February) until close of business on Friday, 26th February.

All ELC and SAC services, including ECCE only services are requested to review the Frequently Asked Questions document  to determine standard and/or enhanced funding levels available from February 1st to March 5th to and the terms and conditions of that  funding based on the status and nature of your service (see questions 3 to 16 of the FAQs).

It is extremely important that you review the FAQs and are fully aware of the implications of signing/not signing this funding agreement for your service.

Following review of this material, and in order to receive certain funding described in the FAQs you will be required to sign-up for the terms and conditions.

Please see also the Funding Agreement Guidelines  for further information and assistance.

Open/Closed Status including Force Majeure

To determine standard and/or enhanced funding levels, services must indicate on a weekly basis whether they are open or closed throughout the period 1st Feb – 5th March. If a service is closed, a reason must be provided and where necessary supporting documentation attached.  Closure information will be reviewed and approved or declined as appropriate. This process will replace the current off-line Force Majeure for the week of submission only.  Weekly Force Majeure due to lack of demand must be submitted on a weekly basis through normal processes.

Covid 19 Operating Support Payment (COSP)

Services eligible for COSP will be able to view their weekly COSP allocation as part of the contracting process. In order to receive COSP funding, eligible services must accept the terms and conditions of funding and if closed, have an approved closure period. (See Force Majeure above)

Services awaiting the outcome of a COSP review request, should not complete the contracting process until the review outcome has been finalised.

Payment Schedule

Services who have contracted by COB on Monday 15th February, and who have confirmed that they will be open for all weeks in the period, will be paid on Friday 19th February.  Service Providers who have indicated closed weeks in the period, will require review and on approval will be paid in the subsequent weekly payment runs.

To ensure services are receiving funding as quickly as possible, payments will be issued on a weekly basis from 19th February onwards.

Further information on standard and enhanced funding is available here.

Help and support

Should you have any queries in relation to the Covid 19 Operating Supports outlined above please contact the Early Years Provider Centre by raising a Request on Hive and selecting the following categories:

  • Request Type Detail: COSP General Query
  • Request Type: COSP
  • Programme Request: Covid 19 Supports
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