PIP announcement 1st April 2021: Important information on NCS, ECCE, CCSP Saver attendance rules

Important information on NCS, ECCE, CCSP Saver attendance rules

Attendance variation rule extension

In July 2020, the Department introduced added flexibility on attendance rules under NCS. This change allows for 2 hours variation in attendance against registration per week without triggering a report, for non-NCS a 30 minute variance tolerance per day per child is allowed, these temporary measures were introduced in response to the exceptional environment caused by COVID-19.

This measure has been further extended and will now last until 30 April 2021.

You can find links to Attendance Trackers to support your attendance keeping for NCS on the Attendance Rules page of the Early Years Hive. This page also contains the rules around child absence and under attendance under the scheme for your benefit.

NCS, ECCE, CCSP attendance rules

Following the full resumption, without restriction, of all Early Learning and Care (ELC), School-Age Childcare (SAC) services from 29 March, attendance rules will revert as per the NCS policy guidelines and the ECCE and CCSP Saver programme rules.

If you are required to close a play-pod on foot of public health advice, the attendance rules will be suspended for the children affected for the duration of the closure, it should be noted on the on-site attendance record that the play-pod is closed for the reason outlined.

Entire service closures will continue to be covered by Force Majeure rules.

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