Let’s Get Ready 2021- Resources for Parents

The transition to school remains especially difficult again this year because of Covid conditions.  Attached are some transitions resources that have been developed for parents.

Transition to school Resources

This year the NCCA have also developed an additional parents template for children starting in ECCE.  You can print them off to help support children with the transition to starting school.

The Mó Scéal templates linked below have been developed for parents to fill in to share information for their child’s new pre-school or primary school.

Links to Mó Scéal templates in English:


Moving to Pre-School: http://bit.ly/MoScealPreSchool

Moving to Primary School: http://bit.ly/MoScealPrimarySchool


Links to Mó Scéal templates in Irish:


Ag aistriú ar an réamhscoil: http://bit.ly/MoScealReamhscoil

Ag aistriú go dtí an bhunscoil: http://bit.ly/MoScealBhunscoil


See below attached is a postcard for the children to draw themselves or anything else for their new teacher and leaflets for parents on learning new skills and developing independence skills for starting pre-school and school.


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