Tusla Update – following HSE Cyber attack

As you will be aware, all Tusla ICT systems were disabled as a precaution in response to the cyber-attack on Friday 14 May 2021.

This has had significant consequences for us in terms of how we interact with the services we regulate and how we manage information that is submitted to us.

Some of our systems have now been restored and we are able to communicate with Early Years and School Age services via email. However, the online portal through which we process all new applications remains unavailable for external use.

New Early Years and School Age Care applications commenced before the cyber-attack – pre 14 May 2021

If you began an application before the 14 May via the portal we are able to access the information you submitted and we will communicate with you directly regarding the documents necessary to complete your application.

New Early Years and School Age Care applications after the cyber attack

If you would like to apply for an Early Years or School Age service, you will need to complete a new application form (available below). This includes those that have indicated that their intention to submit an application in the last few weeks.

Pre School Setting

School Age Setting

Registration Application 

Registration Application 

Please select the relevant application form, save it to your computer and complete all sections. Once the form is complete, submit it to us via email. Early Years Service Registration forms should be submitted to   ey.registration@tusla.ie and School Age service application forms to     sac.registration@tusla.ie.

The required documents, including policies,  for each application type are listed in the application form on page 8 and 9. Please ensure that all documents are submitted with the application. You can find sample policies and templates on our website.

When submitting the application, please place the required documentation into a zipped folder and attach the folder and the application to an email. If you have any concerns about the size of the documents, you are submitting or if you have general queries about submitting an application you can contact the relevant team on – Early Years Applications 061 461715 or School Age Applications 061 461718.

This is an interim process until the online portal is available again. When this happens we will work closely with anyone who has submitted an application using the above process to ensure their documentation is available on the portal.

Notifications of Incident

Please continue to submit Notifiable Incidents by first calling us on 061 461706 or 061 461711

Early Years Service Re-registrations

For Early Years Service re-registration, we are reviewing all information submitted to us in and will contact you as soon as we are able. We urge you to review any emails you received from us regarding any outstanding documentation and ensure you have everything that is required as this will make the process of registration much quicker.  You can continue contact your County Childcare committee for support – www.myccc.ie . You can contact us regarding early years  service applications on 061 461715 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feedback and Concerns

We continue to receive  Feedback and Concerns by phone in relation to any early years service or school age service. These concerns should relate to the operation of the service and fall within the remit of the regulations. If you wish to submit concerns or if you have a query regarding an existing concern please call us on 061 461743 or 061 461703

Cessations and Change in Circumstances

We are reviewing and actioning all change in circumstance and cessation applications submitted prior to the cyber-attack and are contacting all those who have submitted information. If you need to follow up on a submitted change in circumstance or you need to submit a cessation form please contact us on 061 461726.


Our priority remains the safety and wellbeing of children using early years services and as such we are continuing to inspect services.

Our capacity to continue with a blended approach (remote and onsite) to inspections is reduced and  therefore most of our inspections will be onsite with no remote component.

We have some access to email again and we use this method as well as by telephone to communicate with services. However, there will still  some unavoidable delay in responding to documentation (CAPAs, Factual Accuracy etc.) submitted in relation to inspections that have already taken place.

If you have queries regarding inspections, you can use our exiting COVID helpline numbers;

West 091 775823
Dublin Mid Leinster 087 6873904
South 087 9115333
Dublin North East 087 1784593

Measures to reduce risks at entrances / exits to services

Registered Providers are advised to examine all entry  and exit points  and assess how they are managed to maximise child safety.

We  have received an increase in the number of Notification of incident reports relating to children exiting Early Years services. Where this has happened a common theme has emerged.  In their attempt to avoid close contact at entry/exit points between children, pods and adults,  services  have a)  been using separate entry and exit doorways and in some cases multiple entry and exit points and b) changed drop off and collection systems.  This can create an additional risk that children might be able to leave the premises unsupervised, particularly if the entrance and/or exit door or external gates are not secured following drop off or collection. There is also a risk that children may exit services during outdoor play unless appropriate measures are in place. Regular roll calls reduce the risk of children exiting unnoticed.


Below you will find information and contact details for the different departments within the Early Years Inspectorate.  You will also find a table containing telephone contact information for all our services.

We will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.

Early Years Inspectorate – Inspections

West 091 775823
Dublin Mid Leinster 087 6873904
South 087 9115333
Dublin North East 087 1784593

Early Years Inspectorate Contact Telephone Numbers


Telephone Number(s)

Early Years / School Age Services– Notifiable Incidents 061 461706 or 061461711
Early Years Registration 061 461715
School Age Services Registration 061 461718
Early Years / School Age Change in Circumstances & Cessations 061 461726
Early Years / School Age Services– Feedback & Concerns 061 461743 or 061461703
Early Years Inspections – West 091 775823
Early Years Inspections – Dublin & Mid Leinster 087 6873904
Early Years Inspections – South 087 9115333
Early Years Inspections – Dublin & North East 087 1784593